AE900 Series Video Image Fire Detector
AE900Ex Explosion-Proof Video Image Fire Detector
AEU900 Video Image Fire/Incidents Detection Unit
AE900TM Thermal Image Temperature Monitoring Module
AE988 Video Image Fire Detector
AE988Ex Explosion-proof Video Image Fire Detector
AE988Cp Anti-Corrosion Video Image Fire Detector
AEU900-RIMU Remote Intelligent Monitoring Unit
AE989 Series Video and Thermal Image Fire Detector
AE989Ex Explosion-proof Video and Thermal Image Fire Detector
AE3000 PC Based Video Fire Detection System
DRM2000/iDRM3000 Intelligent Video Fire/Incidents Detection Alarm Monitoring and Management System
IntellViewTM CMS6000 Central Monitoring System
IntellViewTM RemoteView6000 Remote Monitoring Workstation
FireNVSTM Intelligent Video Encoder and Video Decoder
iSenseTM Networking Thermal Imaging Sensing System
iSpecTM Multi-Spectrum Image Based Gas Detection System
TraceLineTM Line Type Heat Detector
ThermoLineTM Optical Fiber Distributed Temperature Sensing System
SearchLineTM Line Type Leakage Detector
AlarmEye® AE3000 PC Based Video Fire Detection System  

AE3000 Video Fire Alarm and Information Management System mainly executes first or second alarm verification, all alarm signals storage management, digital map display, fire incidences video storage, and so on. Being the main server designated for regional detection, one AE3000 can support 4~8 cameras; for second alarm verification and information management, one AE3000 can support 32~64 frontline AE series detectors.

AE3000 Video Fire Alarm and Information Management System is a PC base intelligent fire alarm system, adopting intelligent recognition and self-learning algorithm, recognizes smoke and fire flame images from the vision field, then digitally integrated to obtain fire hazard probability. Together with the front-end AE series detectors, it forms a dual layer alarm structure uniquely named as AEnetTM Distributed Intelligent Network, realizing distributed and centralized detection model substantially improves the system performance. The system is built with detection alarm output compatible with all conventional fire alarm system. AE3000 becomes a power device for its capability to perform remote operations, through LAN and INTERNET connection.



  • Early detection on fire flame and smoke, or second in line to verify the alarm triggered by the front end AE series detector, accomplishing the designed feature of distributed and centralized fire detection.
  • Applied as regional detection server to support 4~8 cameras.
  • Effectively process all alarm information and convert into information for digital map display, information management, storage, and so on.
  • Fault alarm on vision field drastic shift or obstruction.
  • Performs zonal division into 64 sub-zones for segregation as key surveillance or zone exclusion.
  • Network with 32~64 AE series detectors to form AE series detection system.
  • Digitally record and store alarm information, and a maximum of 2000 hours incidence video and alarm information can be recorded and stored.


  • Highly reliable distributed and centralized dual layer AEnet Distributed Intelligent Network.
  • Strong immunity to false alarm.
  • Intelligent detection and self-learning algorithm.
  • Fire hazard probability algorithm and digital data integration.
  • Integration of second layer digital data from varies zonal front end detectors significantly excel the system performance and dependability.
  • GIS map display.
  • Compatible with CCTV system.
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